🌸your luxxx girlfriend🌸

Hello fellas,couples, & beautiful ladies🥰❣️  

I will be touring to these following cities these next couple of months in no order YET...until all bookings are secure💚



•st.louis MO

•Kansas city MO

•New York/Manhattan




🌸PLEASE keep in mind I would need atleast 5-10 bookings so I could visit🌸


~booking fee is 50-100~  {won't be required until dates are set & I have enough bookings for that area}~


✈️Fly me too you?✈️ please read the "fly me to you" section.



🕊Add on essentials that I love🕊:

•420 •shopping/lingerie •dinner/drinks •movie •gift cards/online shopping •spa days •candels •ice cream •flowers •gift for my dog •Uber/Lyft gift cards •wine/Champagne

snapchat:lavannaluxxx1👠 🕊Twitter:luxxxlavanna🕊 🌻switter:lavannaluxxx🌻 

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